Enabling people with technology

Established in 2000 to meet the demand of Information Technology industry in Malaysia, EP-TEC Malaysia provides the best solutions for both education and enterprise market.

Enterprise Solutions  

Inspired by economic growth, we are here to expand the business scope to serve the enterprise market. We                       believe that we have the best solutions for our customers             who interested in increasing their organization’s efficiency             and effectiveness, which will lead to a higher level of                     performance and productivity.

Going with same values and passions, we enter the enterprise market by providing the state-of-the-art high technology hardware solutions as well as proven software solutions that enhance the communications and operations of company. Supported by world leading brands such as SMART Board, Robotel, Faronics, Swivl and etc., we believe we can help improve the performance and productivity of your company




Education Solutions  

We believe the best way to improve the quality of our nation is to improve our young generation through education. We take responsibility in providing the best teaching aids available today for any education institution in Malaysia. Our passion is to make sure Malaysia's young generations have an equal opportunity to learn and have access to the world of information.

In Education, we provide the best teaching aids for all educational institution in Malaysia. We provide solutions for collaborative learning, mobile learning, and distance learning as well as state-of-the-art laboratories. Supported by world leading brand such as SMART Board, Robotel, Data Harvest, Moway, ProntRow, Faronics, Swivl, Artec, MUV Interactive, and etc., we believe we can improve the learning process and its outcome




Our Brand

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